Makeup Tips – Eyelashes 

5 Eyelash tips every girl needs to know. Whether you love wearing false lashes or no false lashes, these tips are for you.


no false lashes, i have used here Maybelline colossal volume express mascara and i added hair fibers to it, see the volume
no false lashes, i have used here Maybelline colossal volume express mascara and i added hair fibers to it, see the volume

Tip #1 want a fuller look without false lashes?!?!

Add hair fibers to your mascara! I know you can purchase mascara that already have a set of fibers and good mascara, but let’s be honest do you really want your lashes looking like this? (The below image)

They look like spider legs and I personally think that’s too much, so when you hair fibers to your mascara you wouldn’t be adding a large amount of it and also it’s a different fiber that is used in the mascaras you buy that have fibers in them. The fibers used in the 3D fiber lash mascaras are very long and when applied they make your lashes look long and thin. Whereas the fibers that I’m talking about are a fine and a very small type of fiber which gives you more volume and length than length on its own. See the difference between 3d fibers and hair fibers below.

Tip #2 always use an eyelash curler.

Even if you’re not going to wear false lashes it’s always best to curl your lashes before applying mascara or lashes. It makes your eye open up more and lifts your lashes. And if you’re going to apply false lashes curl your lashes it lifts them up making it easier for your lashes and the false lashes to blend together easily.
Tip #3 for a more natural look use individual lashes.

Individual lashes give a more full and natural look and with individual lashes you can control the way the lashes are applied and the thickness. On my wedding day I choose to have individual lashes applied and they looked so natural, really recommend it for a bride.



Tip #4 dried out mascara? Add contact lense solution.

When your mascara dries out, add some contact lense solution to it and watch it work like brand new. Make sure not to drain the tube add a few drops and try it, keep adding until the mascara feels like a creamy texture.

Tip #5 for fuller lashes add 1 layer of mascara and leave for 2 mins to dry before adding another layer, and I mean pack it on with the second layer. This will give you a very full and lengthy natural look without having to add false lashes. I usually spend a good 10 minutes no jokes on my mascara, I love full lashes and to wear false lashes everyday is kind of annoying so I spend time on my mascara to give it a full look.

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