Hair tips

So I have really missed blogging, but I have been so busy I only get a chance to post quick pics on my instagram page. I recently traveled back home and the never ending unpacking and sorting out of clothes and shoes is endless, plus the bad jet lag I copped really made things harder for me and not to forget my dear 9 month old son who keeps me busy, ahhhh  blessed 🙂

So for this post I wanted to share something I discovered when I got back, my sister has been using dry shampoo as a volume increasing tool, other people use it to cover oily hair, she uses it to increase volume in her hair without having to tease it, she introduced this to me the first day I got back and man am I inlove. After I style my hair I tease and spray dry shampoo and it lasts til the next day, its amazing. We use Batiste XXL Dry Shampoo. new-Batiste-Group

I recommend any female that loves volume to try it, you can find it in most hair supply shops and chemists.

Much Love

The FAB Stop



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